makeapp documentation


Simplifies Python application rollout and publishing.

  • Make a skeleton for your new application with one console command.
  • Automatically create a VCS repository for your application.
  • Automatically check whether the chosen application name is not already in use.
  • Customize new application layouts with skeleton templates.
  • Put some skeleton default settings into a configuration file not to mess with command line switches anymore.
  • Easily add entries to your changelog.
  • Publish your application to remotes (VCS, PyPI) with single command.


  1. Python 3.6+

Get involved into makeapp

Submit issues. If you spotted something weird in application behavior or want to propose a feature you can do that at

Write code. If you are eager to participate in application development, fork it at, write your code, whether it should be a bugfix or a feature implementation, and make a pull request right from the forked project page.

Spread the word. If you have some tips and tricks or any other words in mind that you think might be of interest for the others — publish it.